WordPress Themes and Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress blogs is that each one is like the individual who writes the posts – unique! The WordPress blogging platform starts with a basic shell that can be modified in two main ways.

Firstly, the appearance of the blog can be modified by installing and activating a new “theme”. WordPress themes consist of a collection of code that governs how the blog looks, what colors and fonts are used, where everything is located on the page, whether there are two or three columns, and so on.

WordPress themes are available for download from many sites. The best place to get a look at new themes is the theme depository at WordPress, where there are hundreds of themes waiting for your review.

Secondly, the functionality of WordPress blogs can be extended with plugins. Plugins are useful bits of code that give added functionality to your blog. Plugins are available to help you deal with comments, feeds, media, searching, backing up your blog, and a host of other topics.

Over 3000 plugins are listed in the WordPress Plugin directory and that’s way too many to personally review – even for someone who has extra time on their hands! That wouldn’t include me, but I’ve tried a number of plugins and found some real gems. Others have been tested and then deleted, and for many reasons.

Take a look at the WordPress Plugins Directory. You might want to start with the most popular plugins as they are practically guaranteed to work as intended.

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