Time to Update WordPress to Version 2.6

Well, it’s time to update my local copy of WordPress. Version 2.6 has been out for a while, a couple weeks at least, and I’m willing to update my Vista copy now.

I’m sure that I don’t have to wait for the kinks to be ironed out once a new version of WP is released, but somehow I feel better waiting a little while before investing the time to backup and update. Of course, that’s because I’ve been burned before. You can waste a lot of time updating software only to have to go through it all again because of bugs that come crawling out once the software was released into the wild.

WordPress developers have addressed 194 bugs in version 2.6! Beyond those incremental improvements to the blogging software, WordPress now will count your words, caption your images and let you drag-n-drop to reorder galleries.

More improvements include version tracking, which records each version of posts that you or other authors make on your blog. Very handy for finding and fixing mistakes and monitoring who posted what and when.

For those of you that use media-rich sites you’ll be wanting to try out the new “post from where ever” feature. All you have to do is hit Press This! and the WordPress bookmarklet takes care of the rest.

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