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As you have probably gathered by now all parts of your WordPress blog are under your control. Every feature can be customized to your liking, from the theme that you use to the behind-the-screen settings for managing a WordPress blog.

Comments are managed according to the settings you choose by going to Settings/Discussion in the main menu.

The Discussion Settings page holds settings that help you manage comments left on your blog. Under ‘Default article settings’ checking off all three boxes will allow traffic to flow between your blog and the blogs of your commenters. Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on the article” if you aren’t interested in comments appearing on your blog.

wordpress comments settings discussion

You can choose to be emailed whenever anyone posts a comment or when one is held for moderation.

You can control when a comment appears on your blog in the ‘Before a comment appears’ section. You can limit comments to only the ones that you approve first, only if the commenter leaves her name and email address, or only after a prior comment has already been approved from that commenter.

If you’re bothered by a nuisance commenter, you can reject the comments from appearing altogether by using the ‘Comment Moderation’ or ‘Comment Blacklist’ features.

wordpress comments blacklist

Input words that you find offensive in either the moderation or blacklist boxes and any comment in which the content, name, URL or e-mail contains these bad words will be marked for moderation or marked as spam.

To reject comments coming from a particular IP address, place the IP on your blacklist.

Spam comments do make it through the Akismet plugin, but they are pretty easy to spot. Spam comments usually try to sell you pharmaceuticals or other stuff you don’t want. Their content is often filled with links to sites of questionable quality, so don’t go there! Email addresses that a person would never choose are the norm, so if you see something like “asdfkjl;” for an email address, mark the comment as spam.

wordpress comments avatars

The Avatar section lets you control whether you allow avatars to show up next to a person’s comment. Avatars are those little pictures that represent people and their interests. Some commenters use their photos and others use interesting pictures or abstract designs for their avatars.

Also, you can set the audience rating in the Avatar section. The same as movie ratings, you can rate your content for G-, PG-, R- or X-rated audiences.

Remember, any changes you make to the Discussion Settings page will not stick unless you click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

2 thoughts on “Settings for Comments on WordPress Blogs”

  1. Thanks for the cookie information!

    I mean, on how to not have people view password-protected stuff on public computers. I’ve looked all over for that piece of info, but I guess since it’s that simple, no one’s bothered to write about it. A ton of people have asked in the wp forums though, with no answer. Cheers =)

  2. Hey Anja!

    I know what you mean…it’s simple to use WP, but there’s a lot to it! It can be hard to find the one little detail that you’re looking for, as you found out.

    Good luck with your blogging and stop by again!

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