Review of Popular WordPress Plugins: Akismet

The only true plugin that comes standard with WordPress software is Akismet. And for good reason. The developers of WordPress wanted to keep the basic blogging platform as lean as possible while allowing for extension of that software into as many directions as possible.

Plugins are bits of software that modify the out-of-the-box functionality of the basic WordPress blog.

What does Akismet do? The Akismet plugin catches comment and trackback spam.

We all need a way to deal with spam left in comments or we’d spend waaaay too much time reading and deleting the hundreds and thousands of machine-generated comments.

Akismet proudly keeps track of the number of spam comments it has arrested from your blog. One of mine has been saved from over 32,000 spammy comments, so far!

One of the great things about Akismet is that once you set it, you can forget it. At first I checked to see what comments were being caught as spam, but I got over it real fast. Once in a while a spam comment slips through, but not very often. Just mark it as spam and poof! – it’s a goner.

In order to run the Akismet plugin you will need to get a API key. All you have to do is sign up for a WordPress account. Part of that process is to check your email for details.

After you have your key – it’s listed on your profile page – enter it on the Akismet Configuration page that you can reach via the plugins tab of your WordPress Dashboard.

Stay tuned for more WordPress Plugin reviews.

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