Importing Links into a New WordPress Blog from Another Blog

While changing over from a “practice blog” to the real deal for a client, I came to realize there was no easy way to export the existing blogroll from the old blog. A link import function is available from Write/Link on the WordPress main menu, but no link export exists.

Import Links found under Write/Link menu.

Well, without an export of the existing links you’re left with a lot of copy-n-paste to-do. Copy the name and URL and specify the category for each blogroll link. That’s ok for a couple links, but more than a few links could take a while.

The solution I found to get around this manual labor was to use this great little script that creates an OPML file of all your old blogroll links. Thanks, Kasia! Read her blog post about the solution and give it a try.

Just make sure to point your browser to “…links2opml.php” for importing the link list. Made short work for me!

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