General Settings for a WordPress Blog

Setting up a WordPress blog is not too hard, and once it’s set up you can change everything about it. Login to your Dashboard and click on ‘Settings’ near the top right. Sub-headings on the Settings page include General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy, Permalinks and Miscellaneous.

General settings for a WordPress blog.

General Settings is the place to identify your blog’s title, subtitle or tagline, its address and your administration contact email address. Pretty straightforward, eh?

Tick the box “Anyone can register” if you want it to be so. If you don’t want just anyone to be able to leave comments on your blog, check off the box “Users must be registered and logged in to comment.”

If you’ve decided to allow people to subscribe to, write for, edit or administer your blog, select the default user role here. Progressively higher capabilities are given to roles beyond that of subscriber.

Finally, date and time formats are specified on the General Settings page. Select your local timezone as compared to UTC, chose the date and time formats, and pick the day that starts your week. Notice the link to documentation on date formatting if you’re not sure how to alter the date or time formats to suit your style. Get more date and time codes from the php manual.

General settings page holds default date and time formats and hours offset from UTC.

Don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ to keep your new selections. Once you save your settings, the same page returns with a colorful banner that lets you know that the new settings were indeed saved.

Bright banner shows that settings were properly saved.

So, now you know to use the General Settings page to modify your blog’s title and subtitle, and to specify your admin contact email address, as well as manage your blog’s date and time features.

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