Best Online Backup Service and Off-Site File Storage

Running out of room on that great big hard drive? If you find yourself needing more space for all those pictures or mp3s, try the free service from Mozy. You get 2 GB free and they have automated backups so you’re never bothered.

2GB Free Online Backup – Mozy

If you need a more complete solution, Mozy’s automatic backups will save your whole hard drive, or just the parts that you need to have protected…Peace of Mind – Only $4.95/Month! Get Mozy Unlimited Online Backup.

2 thoughts on “Best Online Backup Service and Off-Site File Storage”

  1. Nice service. anyway i am of the old school and i still prefer usb hard drivers…i dont want to leave all of my data to people belonging to a company i dont know…

    vista hacks last blog post..Change Google Gmail theme with Better Gmail

  2. Hey “vista_hack”,
    I know what you mean about trusting someone you don’t know with all your stuff, but did you know that you can be selective in what you upload to the Mozy service? Your personal or really important items could be kept safe on a second hard drive while other not-so-important stuff could be trusted to Mozy.

    Anyway, I really like the idea of having a backup where ever I go!

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